Tuesday, September 30, 2008

More trim up

It's amazing the difference trim makes to the place. I just love the windows!! I can't wait to be able to paint. It's amazing to me to think that in a month or so this will be our home, the place we come home to every night, not just to work, but to LIVE!! Crazy!!! I can't wait!! I'm soooooooooo ready!
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Busy evening, and day yesterday

Our doors and trim

Our bath hardware (Marty and I installed them last night, ok so I mostly told Marty what to do, read instructions and then did the clean up, and he pit everything up)

Marty concentrating on the toilet paper holder getting put on right, very important you know.

Our beautiful cherry mirrors that match our cabinets nearly perfectly! yay!
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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Floors are done!!

My brother finished the floors tonight, yay!!! Everything's all set for the trim to go up next week. Then after they get the "skirt boards" (trim along the stairs) done, Morgan can finiah the stairs. Roger, one of Trace's carpenters installed the bedroom doors yesterday, and Marty painted them, along with all the other doors for the house. He painted Thurs. & Fri. night, and most of the day today. He's been incredible!! The paint is oil based which will hold up better in the long run, but it's REALLY stinky, so I was really grateful for his willingness to paint, even though it's not his favorite thing to do.

Like my contraption for painting/drying trim? I thought it was pretty ingenius :o)
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Friday, September 26, 2008

Plumber came yesterday

Yesterday the plumbers started finishing up the plumbing. They got our kitchen faucet and our under the sink, reverse osmosis water filter hooked up, along with the dishwasher, toilets, and 1 of the showers. Things are starting to come together!! Marty started painting the doors yesterday, and Morgan and Gabe started laying out the rest of the living room flooring. Hopefully there will be more to post soon!!

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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Appliances arrive

All of our appliances arrived, though they were only able to actually install the refrigerator. I had to leave before they got it in. They couldn't get it up our front stairs, basement stairs, or very easily around the side of the house. Finally we had Trace bring over some plywood that they were able to lay on the soggy ground and then pull it up around the side of the house. What a feat! Marty said it looks fantastic, I can't wait to see it. We still have to wait for the electricians/plumbers to do their stuff before we can hook up the W/D, stove, hood, microwave & dishwasher :o( But they should be in by the end of next week. Our doors also arrived today and they'll be going up next week as well. We're debating about painting them before they go up. I'm getting so tired, I just want everything to be done. Morgan will be back tomorrow to hopefully finish off the living room floors. If so I'll take more picts tomorrow.

Since the granite guys left us an extra piece of granite because of a scratch in ours, we decided to add some granite countertops to the laundry room and move our freezer to the garage. Marty picked up these cabinets from Home depot, we had an extra piece of plywood left over from the kitchen that just needs a foot cut off, and wa-la we've got a great place for folding laundry, sewing, doing crafts, or just escaping to take in the view out the window. :o) Once the W/D gets put in place, we'll also have more room. I can see Coco having her bed under the counter there, as her favorite place is under our desk at our feet. We'll probably just keep her in the laundry room while we're at work until we get the invisible fence installed. I go by the house enough times during the day, that she'll get plenty of potty breaks. Right now, all she does is sleep all day. Maybe I can get her to at least do the laundry while we're at work :o)
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Saturday, September 20, 2008

We can never just window shop!!!

Last time we went window shopping to look for a dining set, we ended up buying one, and getting a heck of a deal....

Today we went to look at some furniture that would match our sofa and after finding a lot of uncomfortable, expensive, or just not the right style furniture, we ended up at Macy's since that's where I had bought our sofa 4 years ago. They were having some great sales, and we ended up buying a loveseat, 2 chairs and ottoman. They are made by the same manufacturer as our couch, have the rounded arms like ours, but different feet, which is no big deal. Adds character, right Sarah? :o) We are having them made out of the same color microfiber as our couch and they should arrive in the warehouse in 4-6 weeks!! I just can't believe we're getting so close to moving in. Picking out furniture makes it feel really real!!! I can hardly wait!!!
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Granite is finished at 11:10 pm!!

After 11 hours, they finally finished everything just after 11 pm. I spent about 10 hours at the house while they were working. I stayed busy with furniture planning and reading by a heater on a lawn chair in our "guest bedroom." I got the 2 guys some dinner, and they were very grateful. I don't think they thought it would take as long as it did. The only thing I don't like is that one of the pieces of countertop is slightly darker than the rest. I guess that's the beauty of granite, its uniqueness from slab to slab. Marty said it probably won't bug me as much once there's something else to look at on the countertops. I hope so. Or I'll just have to learn to live with imprefection! Urgh! :o) After they finished I just couldn't stop smiling. We even have a 7' long extra piece to put in the laundry room. We're going to get some cabinets to put under either end, and I'm going to use the space for sewing, folding laundry, messy projects, crafts, etc. The extra counterspace will take the place of the chest freezer, but we have plenty of room in the garage for the freezer. It was an unexpected, but very pleasant surprise. Well it's late and I'm exhausted, but I knew my "fans" would want to see the new countertops so I had to post them as soon as I got home.

Me with a gigantic smile. I'm even color coordinated with the kitchen! Can you tell I love the color green?
I can't wait to get some bar stools for the island!!
See Merry--counterops are flush with the cabinets :o) It was all just an optical illusion.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

All ready for granite

All the cabinets are now installed and topped with plywood. The granite countertops are going in tomorrow and I can hardly wait!! I think the kitchen has turned out bigger than I had planned, but with how much time you spend in it, and how everyone always ends up there anyway, I guess it's good to have a big kitchen.

Morgan has now finished all the bedroom floors, and only has the rest of the living room and stairs to do.
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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Upper cabinets went in

The upper cabinets were installed today, along with the island cabinets. Our drainfield also passed all its inspections and they were able to cover everything up,so now all we need is for the plumbers to come back and install the toilets, yay!!
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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Kitchen cabinets are going in!

Today was another one of those really big days for us. The cabinets started going in, and I couldn't be happier with them. I absolutely love them! They are a great contrast to the floors, look great with all the white light fixtures and windows, and will look even better once the white trim goes up. They've got the slow close mechanism that I love, and have beautiful maple drawers. The granite installers come Friday to put in the countertops. I can't hardly believe that in a week we'll even have appliances.

That large opening is for the refrigerator. I love how it will look built in.

This Lazy susan is different from other's Ive seen, in that the door of the lazy susan retracts into the cabinet as the shelves spin around, and when it gets back to the start it slowly goes back into place. Don't know if that makes sense, you will all have to just come and see it for yourself.

Marty "tiled" the basement bath last night. It's not really tile, but heavy duty vinyl flooring that just looks like tile. SO MUCH EASIER TO INSTALL!!

Morgan takes a break from finishing the living room while the cabinets are going in and starts work on the back bedroom.
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Sunday, September 14, 2008

Kitchen area ready for cabinets

My brother is so amazing!! He got everything the cabinet installers needed done, and more! He was up until midnight finishing the hallway and today he got the back bedroom all laid out so it just needs to be nailed into place. I am so grateful for my family!! He'll be done with the whole house in no time at all I'm sure. You were right Hailey, I shouldn't have even been worried.

My friend Lisa Horvath (used to be McMullin) came over with her mom, sister, and kids to check out the house this afternoon. They brought stuff over for sundaes. So we had Sundaes on Sunday on the deck. Yum! We look forward to having many more ice cream socials, and other get-togethers with all of you!

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Making progress on the floors

Morgan and Gabe were able to lay more of the flooring today. It's really feeling like a real house now. I love it!!

We also picked up our vanities and water heater today over in Seattle, and cleaned up around the house taking a full load of cardboard to be recycled and another load of trash to the dump. We had a lot of extra tile backerboard that needed to be returned to Island Lumber, and since we were borrowing a big truck from some friends, we decided to return the 7-- 4'x8' sheets of backerboard. They were heavy, and itchy! The paper covering them is like insulation. My arms were all red and blotchy after carrying them. I can't wait to rest tomorrow!!! I can't wait to be done with the house!!! We're getting closer!! By next weekend we'll have cabinets and countertops in, that will be really awesome. I can't wait!!
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Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Wood arrived, & grouting is done!

The day I've long been waiting for came today. Our flooring arrived! It's really beautiful. I can't wait to see it go in. Marty was worried about having wood floors throughout the house, but seeing and touching it for himself he's glad we made the decision.

Today Manda came over and helped us finish up the grouting, so now everything is done, Yay! (well the wall behind the tub, under the window, couldn't be done until the window trim goes up), but EVERYTHING else is up and grouted. I couldn't be happier. My body is killing me. I don't know if the grout is ever going to come off my skin. We've been staying up 'till nearly midnight, or some nights even later trying to get it done. I never want to tile anything ever again!! :o) Ok, well I better get to sleep, I just wanted to update you all on the day's acomplishments.

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