Saturday, June 19, 2010

Ladder ball laughs

Ok, I know 2 posts in 1 day, a little much, but I had to post about our exciting news and this video was just too cute, NOT to share!

We took this little clip yesterday, Cameron was watching Marty and his mom play ladder ball (Ashlea, my assistant is holding him), and he was just cracking up. He laughed just as hard when we were playing the game at Ashlea's house a couple weeks ago, so we thought we better get a set of our own :o) He loves when the balls get wrapped around the bars. It's hilarious! He also laughs like this when watching basketball. Not with softball though. I think we may have a ball player on our hands!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I believe in miracles

I think we've all witnessed miracles in our lives. I know I have at various times in my life. The impossible can be possible with a little time, faith, and work. I didn't think I'd ever be able to get pregnant on my own. I thought it was impossible, but apparantley it's not! Yes, without even trying, at all, I'm pregnant! My naturopath thinks it may have been the diet I've been on--no gluten, sugar, etc. for the last 5 months. I think it corrected my Polycystic ovary syndrome, and along with the weight loss, and various supplements to balance my hormones my body was able to function normally and apparantley felt ready to carry a baby! Of course I've been completely satisified being the mother of one adorable little boy and planned to add to our family through another round of IVF next Winter, but I guess God had other plans for our little family, or this little pea pod spirit REALLY wanted to come to earth and live NOW! She was like, no I'd like to be BORN in the middle of winter! (Marty thinks its a girl!) Our baby is due January 18th, just 4 days after Marty's birthday and a week after his mom's birthday.
How I found out:
I had thought my cycles were just thrown off because of the diet I've been doing, and that finally when I took a pregnancy test it must have just been a false positive because of the HCG shots, since that's what the test is actually reading, the presence of HCG. I kept taking the tests everyday, and everyday--Positive! This was a new sight for me, I'm used to seeing a big fat negative. I thought the test must just be broken! I really didn't think it could mean I was actually pregnant. A couple days later when I met with the naturopath she said she'd never seen anyone read a false positive on a pregnancy test and that I was most likely pregnant. The next day she called me with the results of the blood test, 97,140 mIU/ml HCG levels! Non-pregnant levels should be less than 5! Quite a bit more! She told me I was already 8 weeks pregnant. I've pretty much been in shock since I found out, and nervous about telling anyone until things were confirmed with an ultrasound. Yesterday we had that ultrasound and sure enough there really was a little fetus growing inside me! Not in the tubes, but right where its suppose to be with its little heart beating! Marty and I had tears of joy in our eyes, and I cheered and patted my belly--"good job little pea pod, you're right where you're suppose to be!"

Though this was an unplanned miracle, we couldn't be happier. Cameron will be about 15 months when the baby is born. I think he already feels a connection, he'll pat my tummy, then burry his face in and lick my belly! He also loves to say "ba ba ba." Must mean "Baby!" Meanwhile besides a sore chest and extreme exhaustion, I feel wonderful.

I'll be keeping you all posted! Thanks for all your continued love, support and friendships!
Love you all!