Thursday, December 16, 2010

Merry Christmas!

I last posted when I was 13 weeks pregnant, now here I am almost 36 weeks pregnant, wow how time flies! I can't believe in just about a month we'll be meeting Cameron's little brother Tyler. What a beautiful time of the year to be pregnant. How I've enjoyed this pregnancy, feeling little Tyler kick and move around, listening to his heart beat, and knowing that we've been blessed with a miracle. How wonderful it's been, not to worry about how many calories I'm eating, I know I shouldv'e probably eaten less, but how I've enjoyed indulging my donut cravings! This is also the time of year where you just feel like being home, all cozied up on the couch and since I don't have any energy to anything else, it's perfect! I'm sure little Tyler is providing an extra layer of warmth, which is nice too, cause I'm always cold. Lastly this is a time of year when our family reflects on the miraculous birth of babe born in Bethlemen. Little baby Jesus. I think about the joy and awe that Mary felt being chosen as the mother of the Son of God, and the promises fullfilled in her son's birth. It brings to mind a hymn our children sing at church (Mary's Lullaby):

Lullaby, lullaby, my little one.
Lullaby, my child so dear.
Thy precious life has just begun;
Thy mother holds thee near.
While Joseph watches through the night,
A star reflects thy radiant light.

Thy gentle head shall wear a crown,
For thy Father is the King.
Thy tender hands, so tiny now,
Have blessings great to bring.
Let all creation join my song,
For peace and love this night are born.
Lullaby, lullaby, my little one.
Lullaby, my child so dear.

I can't wait to hold my little one in my arms. I've been reading how this image and reminder during labor can make labor go more smoothly, with less pain :o) I can't wait to hold his tiny hands in mine, to feel his soft skin on my chest, and to look into his beautiful eyes. I know that just as Cameron has been the greatest blessing of our entire lives, little Tyler will share that space in our hearts and together they will be a great blessing to us.
Last night when Cameron woke up at 9:30 pm, just a couple hours after falling asleep, I decided to bring him out in the living room with us (where we were watching the Sing Off-since Cameron loves music so much). The only light came from the Christmas lights, and Cameron looked so sweet in his baby blue pajamas. Marty and I just stared at him, his cute little face, and big bright blue eyes watching the musicians perform on the television. He walked excitedly between the two of us, smiling all the way. I don't know if Marty was just tired, but it looked like his eyes might have been "moist." We were experiencing pure joy watching our son. Our hearts were full. Our cup runneth over. Very soon our joy will be doubled. We are already accustomed to sleepless nights, changing poopy diapers, picking up endless messes, and doing countless loads of laundry. But at the end of the day, it's all worth it. When your little one stares up at you with that innocent look on their face, lays their head on your shoulder, or smiles, the joy you feel is indescribable. It is worth every sacrafice. We know having two little boys will be quite the change, but it's a change we are anxiously anticipating.
This year we have been blessed indeed. How grateful we are for eachother, our children, our home, family, and friends. May you all see and feel the blessings in your lives is our prayer this holiday season. If you are lacking, may you be filled, if you are feeling down, may you be lifted. We love you!
The Mickelson's