Saturday, May 16, 2009

It's looking green!

Well the little baby grass is coming in. The ground is still pretty squishy though. I hope it firms up soon. I thought I'd test it out today and promptly sunk. Hopefully if it stays nice and stops raining around the clock so it can start drying out. We also got the gates in. Its so nice to have the kids contained and away from the driveway. Now its time to start staining. I got 1 gate stained this evening. It took forever, but it should look really nice when its all done. It's the same stain we used on the handrails. My mom liked the idea of our deer fence so much, that she's fencing her yard too, so we brought over the leftover posts and started on hers today. Now she's also putting in privacy fencing (the same stuff as ours) between her and the neighbors. Guess who's going to put that up? Well at least now we know what we're doing. She's going to have to find someone else to stain it though. Now I remember how much I hate staining.

We also finally cleaned out our storage room, and put in a work bench, shelves, and hooks to organize the garage. It feels like a real garage now when you drive in, and it's so much easier to find the right tool.

Not a very exciting post, especially with all the new little ones being born. Congratulations to all the new mothers and soon to be mothers!!

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