Friday, May 30, 2008

South side of the house

Just another exterior picture of the house. The large opening downstairs is a sliding glass door that goes into the basement. Above it is the living room, center is the dining room, and to the left is the family room which will have french doors going out to a deck.
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Main floor walls are up

In just a week they have built all the exterior walls upstairs, its hard to believe how quickly things are happening, I'm starting to feel anxious about how its all going to turn out. We finally decided on a mossy green for the siding, but we won't see how it looks on the house until its all delivered and put up since it comes pre-painted from the factory. The Roof will be going up Tuesday. Yay!! And I'm sure all the interior walls will be framed by the end of the week.
Marty and I both feel like the bedrooms are really small, but everybody keeps telling us it won't matter since all you do is sleep in them. If we had waited a few more years we may have had more money to build it bigger, but we really wanted to get in a house of our own now, so we have to be content with what we have. In a society where we're always wanting more, its seems like contentment with what we have is something we really struggle with and have to learn, at least I do! I want to just be thankful and not worry so much about everything being perfect. That's something I'm going to work on. Meanwhile, little Guy who I nanny for, thinks the house is already perfect. He loves to play in the sawdust, walk through the studs in the walls downstairs, collect bent up nails, and play in the huge dirt pile next to the house. He would like me to keep it there, but there is not way! I'll post again when we have a roof! --Jenny
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Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Progressing quickly!

In just a week the basement was framed! Today they are putting on the upstairs floor and hopefully putting the plywood on so we can walk around on it and check out the view. I'll post again when the second story starts going up.
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Wednesday, May 21, 2008


The framing has begun! The basement level is getting walls so we can start to see it taking shape. There's a lot of lumber to use and it sounds like it will be used quickly. They told us the roof trusses would be arriving June 3rd, so that gives them about two weeks to get the walls up on all sides, and have it ready for the roof.
Jenny was up late last night making some last minute changes to the blueprints. We added a window on the side of the garage toward the back so that we'll get some natural light in the workshop area. It was a good thing she did it last night because the window people will be coming really soon to order windows and they're framing for the windows today. She keeps saying how much she'll enjoy when this is all over and there won't be any option to change her mind on colors, etc.
I was noticing today that it looks like the second story is going to be really high up. The steps up to the front door will have to have oxygen tanks for people not used to the elevation. We'll have to see if that can be fit into the budget.
It still hasn't completely hit me that this is going to be our house. I'm sure one day, I'll wake up and think to myself "WOW, I'm a home-owner!".
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Monday, May 19, 2008

Slab poured!

Last Friday, May 16th Max and his crew poured the slab for our foundation, and footings for the front porch and side deck. Yay!! The slab is super smooth, they did a great job. We went over and watered it this weekend because of the super hot weather to help it cure. Lumber was delivered today so I think they'll be starting the framing tomorrow. We've been told it will only be a few weeks to frame the whole house and put a roof on it! I'm trying to pick house, trim, and roof colors right now. Its pretty nerve racking since the siding comes prepainted from the factory (Its Hardiplank cement siding), so I can't just change my mind once I see the color on the walls. I've ordered some samples of 3 colors, (variations of a greenish blue color), hopefully that will be easier than looking at a 1" square paint chip. Then I have to decide if I want white trim, or grayish beige trim. Anyone have any ideas? Well I hope it all looks good when its done! I guess we'll just have to wait and see.
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Thursday, May 1, 2008

No turning back now!

Today they took the forms off the walls and its starting to look like a foundation. There's no changing our minds now!
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