Sunday, September 13, 2009

Still nesting, no baby yet :o(

So what do you do when you're waiting around for a baby to be born? You decide to decorate your house by making curtains for all the windows. I've been wanting to add some color to our home for some time, and have felt an urgent need to do so before the baby arrives, along with cleaning the house from top to bottom, and now drying plums. So NOW the baby can come, but not until after 10:00 am tomorrow morning, because I'm getting inspected by the department of early learning so I can be a licensed child care provider. It's been 3 months since I turned in all my paperwork, so I really don't want to reschedule. Come on baby, just another 12 hours, then you can come! We also decided to move the new glider out of the nursery so we can get more use out of it. We figured since the baby would be co-sleeping, it didn't really matter where the glider went, and if we put it in the living room we'll use it a lot more. Ahhhhhh it's so nice! Marty loves it, which I'll use to my advantage in persuading him to get up with the baby in the middle of the night :o)

This was the fabric I had wanted to do the curtains in, but it was a little too bold for the style of my living room, but it goes perfectly down in the preschool.
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Sarah said...

The curtains look great! Come on baby! 12 more hours and then you're free to come out!! Can't wait to meet the new addition to our great big family!

Hailey said...

I saw a non-pregnant Maranda look-alike at the U-Village Saturday and got super excited for a split second before realizing how unlikely it was that'd she'd be out shopping (with a super flat stomach) already :) Got me thinking about you guys lots though! Can't wait to hear the exciting news!

Curtains look fantastic.

The Garriott Family said...

Hooray for Drapes! There is something about curtains that absolutely finishes a room....wraps the room with softness and brings a warmth and security that no other decorating eliment can do. So beautiful, Jenny!

Sarah said...

What about now!??! I'm assuming we're still waiting. Today was my prediction, so I'm hoping he comes soon! Love you!